Today @ Hong Kong Supermarket: "New Expression of the Daintiness"

Today's afternoon of errands included a stop at the Hong Kong Supermarket in Chinatown (Hester and Elizabeth). I took my time exploring the newly-renovated space, and had to share a few of my finds.

Towards the front of the store was a display of tins filled with assorted biscuits. Each seemed to serve some sort of purpose, and as I couldn't decide if I wanted a Happy Day, Memories, or Lucky Love, I decided to move on. But I wonder, are these cookies specifically engineered to produce the advertised results?

I like the honest, in-your-face way they've designed this packaging. But I couldn't decide if PLAIN was appealing...or sad...

We should really use more "bumper crop" marketing in the States. Such a good term, especially if combined with carnival ride imagery.

I think the grape crackers are the find of the day, especially with the tag line "New expression of the daintiness / Choiceness raw material." I came really close to picking them up--even put them in my basket--but I remembered...the last time I bought weird Chinese experimental crackers with a European sensibility, I had serious regrets.

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