I Went to New York International Pickle Day and Bought Chocolate-Covered Bacon...

I hit the Lower East Side Sunday afternoon to check out New York International Pickle Day. I expected a small little gathering with a few stands, but wow! The lines were long so I didn't taste all that much, but the few things I did get to were stellar, especially the pickle truffles from Roni-Sue (which is where I picked up the chocolate-covered bacon. Yum. Only I go to a pickle festival and leave with bacon...).

A history of pickles. I figured people have been pickling things for ages--what better way to preserve things--but this cosmic display put things in perspective...

Fabulous turnips pickled with beet juice from one of the Middle Eastern places on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.

Some Klezmer-jazz fusion.

Yup--kimchi is a pickle! This stuff was particularly yummy.

After the festival I payed homage to Guss' Pickles on Orchard Street...which is sadly moving to Brooklyn. Alas, another long-time traditional vendor is forced out due to rising rents.

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