The World's Most Addictive Pancakes

My friend Suzanna has two strikes. One is for telling me how amazingly well the hot pepper jelly Nancy & I make goes with peanut butter. The other is for the evil goodness of the sausage and cheddar pancakes at Quin's Luncheonette, an old-school wood-paneled diner in Beacon, NY.

The first reaction to the idea of sausage and cheddar pancakes is usually "eeeeewww???," which was, of course, mine. But then I tried them, and they were awesome. From what I can tell, they just add cooked breakfast sausage and cheddar to regular pancake batter. Topped with a little butter and maple syrup, it's a sweet and savory good time.

These babies aren't always on the menu, but the ladies in the kitchen are always happy to make them for you. Completely addictive and insanely filling, I order the short stack (two pancakes), just to make sure I don't explode.

Quin's Luncheonette, 330 Main Street in Beacon, NY, is open for breakfast and lunch.

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