Why Is Chocolate Made Abroad Often Better?

I've recently discovered that Israelis make awesome chocolate, too! A friend who recently got his dream job at Cadbury gave me a bar of Elite's magical pop rock infused chocolate. Holy awesome. Nice creamy milk chocolate...a mouthful of fireworks...could there be more to love? It was so irresistible, the bar disappeared faster than any other chocolate I've had in recent memory (granted, I had some help...).

So a few days later, when I was in the wonderland of Jack's 99 Cent World on 32nd Street and spied the Israeli brand pictured above, I couldn't resist. At 2 bars for .99, it wasn't much of a risk, so I put them in my basket. And guess what, this stuff is pretty awesome. Smooth dark chocolate, great mouth feel. Nice--especially for the price.

Why is most inexpensive American chocolate overly sweet and waxy? Even the Cadbury that's made here isn't as good as the stuff made in the UK. Dear chocolate industry: Can we fix this, please? Thank you.

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