Grilled Guacamole. Grrrrr...

Leading up to the July 4th weekend, when Americans are required to sear things outside over an open flame (it's in the Declaration of Independence!), friggin' Mark Bittman's Minimalist column was "101 Fast Recipes for Grilling." I still need to go back and read the whole list, but Nancy spotted his idea for grilled guacamole, and it intrigued us. So when it came time to figure out what to throw on the fire during our July 3 pre-fireworks gathering, we decided to throw a couple of avocados on the grill.

Now let it be said, we didn't actually go back and read Bittman's recipe, but we basically ended up doing what he recommended to the avocado, and they were very pretty... I scooped them out and we added lime juice, chopped onion, a little salsa, some chopped grape tomatoes, salt, lots of cilantro, and a little chili to the mix. Grilling the avocado made the mix super smooth and creamy, rather than chunky (which is generally normal for guacamole).

Most of the crew thought it was good or fine with it, but Nancy really didn't like it. She thought grilling the avocado gave it a funky (in a bad way) flavor that really turned her off. Why mess with a good thing? So, for once, a Bittman idea kinda, sorta failed, at least for Nancy. And since it wasn't a complete and total success--as guac usually is--no more grilled guac for me!

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