Farewell, Candy Cigarettes

As part of the FDA's Family Smoking Prevention and Control Act, candy cigarettes are apparently now a thing of the past. Not like I ever really liked the things...I think I bought a pack at the five and dime when I was about 7, and thought they were pretty horrible and basically like eating sweetened chalk. I never understood the appeal of actually eating them.

Regardless, I think there's something so old school/hilariously wonderful about them. They really don't look anything like cigarettes, are one of the lamest candies ever, and half of the box is usually broken. I'd be surprised if someone ever took up smoking because they loved candy cigarettes, because who could really love them? I'll miss that mysterious wonder every time I saw their stash at Economy Candy.

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The Cookbook Junkie said...

I can't believe that they've been around this long to be honest. I bought plenty of those as a kid and I'm not a smoker.