I love the fabulous world of the South Indian dosa, tasty rice/dal pancakes filled with some sort of tasty filling--my favorite combo is the masala variety, which is potato, pea, and spices. I'd like to try to make the crepes from scratch, but in the meantime, I've been experimenting with mixes I picked up in Jackson Heights.

My first dosa-making attempt last year was kind of unsuccessful, as the dosa just fell apart when I tried to flip it. But yesterday I tried again, and...success! The directions on this particular box of Rava Dosa (the "cream of wheat" style pancake) said to cook it for two minutes before flipping, which I didn't do last time. And guess what...with a little patience (and the right amount of heat), it worked!

So, with the pancake portion down, I had to cheat a little on the filling. I didn't have all of the usual ingredients, so I sautéed some pre-boiled cubed potatoes with two small diced onions, one sliced small yellow squash, one-half a medium-sized zucchini, cilantro, salt, and lots of the mysterious "Hot Hot Sambar Powder" I had in my cabinet. You know what, it wasn't bad!

I didn't have the usual accompanying sauces, either, so we topped things with a little yogurt and more fresh cilantro (and an egg, in Jimmy's case), and voila--a satisfying fauxsa brunch!

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