Is This The Easiest Banana "Ice Cream" Ever?

Sometimes, procrastination pays off. The other day I was surfing the Interwebz, and I happened upon this idea for one-ingredient banana "ice cream." It looked so easy, it's a million degrees outside, and I love banana ice cream, so I thought, "Why the heck not?!"

I zipped to the market, bought a hand of bananas, sliced one up, and put it in the freezer. The magic began.

While it took three tries to get to the blob of goodness above (mainly because I lack patience), it works! Basically, you slice the bananas, freeze them, then process until creamy. You end up with something that's in the neighborhood of a soft serve (perhaps it's worth throwing it back into the freezer for a little while?).

So far here are my tips:
• Use a processor instead of a blender, if you can. The blades of the blender just seem to throw the slices against the side, making the task a little frustrating.
• Slice the bananas, place them in a plastic bag in flat, neat rows, then seal. Then, you can break them apart super easily before you toss them in the processor.
• I've just made one banana's-worth at a time. I bet it'll be easier when making a batch with two or three.

I think I'm going to try playing with additional flavors or folding in other ingredients (like berries or chocolate chunks. Give it a try! It's way better than a plain banana (yes, it is kind of the world's perfect fruit, but c'mon, isn't eating that self-packaged gem of nature a little too easy?)

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