Taking Banana "Ice Cream" Up A Notch

I'm loving last week's easy banana "ice cream" discovery, and also remembering that I promised to play with the flavah and get back to you. Well, experiment #1 was a rousing success! I decided the easiest place to find possible additions was in my spice collection. Of course cinnamon and cardamom immediately came to mind, but then my eyes fell upon the jar of Quatre ├ępices I brought back from France (don't worry--you can make your own--the ingredients should be in your cabinet). Heck yeah! I sprinkled a little into the processor with the sliced banana (maybe 1/3 teaspoon?), and zip: a grown-up version of this simple banana goodness.

Methinks chili's next on my list... A little cayenne and...cocoa? Cinnamon? Hmmm...

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