Young Garlic Leaves, Take Two

As I concocted a quick stir fry the other night (I realized I had to use up the remainder of my red rice before it spoiled), I decided to experiment yet again with the young garlic leaves still hanging out in my fridge. Whaddya know...if you cook them for a while, they're actually edible! Kind of leek-greeny and nice.

To make them tender, I tossed a small handful into the sauté pan first thing with some chili paste and about a 1/4 cup frozen shredded chicken (I always keep single servings in the freezer just in case...). I added about 1/4 cup water, covered, and steamed everything for about 5 minutes, checking/tossing everything fairly. After the leaves became seemingly tender, I added 1/2 cup green beans, a dash of soy sauce, and more chili garlic sauce (of course), and cooked until the beans were bright green and just tender.

Now that I know they work, I think I'll play with them a bit more liberally. Hmmm....

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