Tug Treat

Saturday's rare treat? A tugboat ride! My friend Zoe signed us up for a free outing on the Tugboat Pegasus, but when the 100+ year-old boat developed some engine troubles, the Tugboat Cornell zoomed to the day's rescue. Built in 1949, she started life pushing Lehigh Valley Railroad rail car barges across the Hudson. Today, the Cornell is an educational vessel, teaching and offering programs for public and private organizations.

The wheel house, looking towards the harbor.

Between numerous tourist vessels and the Red Bull Air Race, the harbor was a mess, so the Cornell's crew took us on a leisurely ride up the Hudson, to the mid-50s and back.

The retired NYC fireboat, the John J. Harvey

The Harvey's beautiful ironwork.

The Harvey's ironwork in use, putting on a show for its guests (who, we noticed, were completely soaked as they disembarked. Glad we chose the tug ride...).

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