Lunchtime Stroll To The Greenmarket

It's a gorgeous day, so I decided to take a lunchtime walk up to the little greenmarket on 57th and 9th. While there were slim pickings and fewer stalls than last year (guess the season's still early?), it was worth it for the young (or green?) garlic. I've played with the stuff before, and I guess it's time to dive in again! More on that later.

Also noticed on my walk:

Balkanika, the new Balkan "Market Place & Wine Bar," is finally open on 9th between 47th and 48th. Thought it kind of looked like Kashkaval, and no wonder--it's the same owner: Pando Andonopulo. Anyway, the shop is cute and the bureks look great. Need to go back for a test drive!

• The baby stuff and yoga store on 49th is closing. Sad to see something not make it, but really, Hell's Kitchen isn't an expensive baby store type of neighborhood. I always wondered what they were thinking...

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