Garden 2010: Stony Kill Survives For Another Year

While the New York State Legislature continues to be a complete mess, at least the powers that be decided to give Stony Kill a year-long reprieve from threatened closure. So, while it's still in danger, at least there's a chance it'll survive. (Check out the Stony Kill Foundation's snazzy new website for more information.)

We'd moved ahead with planting our community garden plot even though we didn't know whether or not the farm would stay open (apparently, we would have been able to finish out the growing season, but all of the services would have been closed...which would have been a pain. No bathrooms?! What about watering the plants?!). And as of this weekend, we're pretty much planted.

While most of the tomatoes I started in my window croaked (probably my fault, as I planted them kind of oddly thinking I was a novel farmer), the hot peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, maxixe, and marigolds I sprouted are thriving. Nancy picked up some replacement tomato plants, and we also bought some baby red cabbage, collards, lettuce, and basil. Nancy's also sowed some Dragon Beans, and I'm hoping she pokes some of the radish seeds we found into the ground, too. What looks healthiest, though, are the tomatillos Nancy added--wow! Hopefully we'll be making tons of fun soup and salsa verde towards the end of the season!

Lookin' good, so we'll see how it goes!

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