Amaranth 2: This Time, It's Stir Fry

I'm officially happy summer's upon us: my fridge is full of green things, berries, and generally fresh, yummy things. Continuing my experimentation with the mysterious amaranth, I decided to make a summery stir fry that was vegetable heavy: red amaranth, some garlic greens, Thai basil from my window, and an entire red pepper tossed in with some beef, noodles, chili garlic, and some soy sauce.

Observation 1: The amaranth cooks nicely, but I think I prefer its slight spiciness when raw. It holds up well to heat, though, so is definitely worth sautéing. No wonder people have been doing it for centuries!

Observation 2: Thai basil makes stir fry soooo much better. I have a happy little forest of it in my window this year, and suggest you all grow some, too. It's rich, spicy flavor adds something wonderful, and makes a simple dish so much more complex-tasting!

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