Teatime with JC

Yay! It's officially Hot Cross Bun season! Such an odd thing, in a way, to eat food with an implement of death drawn on it (shouldn't the big "x" on top warn us away?). But no, childhood memories of singing "Hot Cross Buns" at the piano continue to draw me to their fluffy sweetness. Besides, its origin may actually be pagan, and the cross may have originally represented the four quarters of the moon. Much more pleasant.

I picked one up during my jaunt to Chelsea Market for veggies. Amy's Bread had a sign in the window announcing their arrival, and I just couldn't resist... I got home, made some tea, and had my treat. While I usually love Amy's, I have to say that they were really skimpy with the best parts: the currants and the icing (let's all admit it, we all love the icing, and it just makes everything soooo much nicer). At $1.50 (!) for a little bun, you can afford to be generous, Amy!


Anonymous said...

Hot Cross Buns ... a welcome sign that Spring is just around the corner! My favorite part is the icing too ... but skimping on the currants ... my mother would never!!

Anonymous said...
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Samantha said...

Hot cross buns have been spotted!! I'm heading down to Amy's today, thanks for the blog!