Jerusalem Artichokes--oops...

Things don't always go well in my kitchen. While it's a shame, it's an important learning process.

A week and a half ago I picked up some Jerusalem artichokes (a.k.a. sunchokes) at the Union Square Greenmarket. I'd never cooked them before, but have heard raves from friends and read articles praising them. For something that was historically shunned, they were a little expensive, but whatever!

Finally last night, with the post-snow temperatures outside dipping into the teens, I decided it was a good night for a roasting advenutre. I peeled them (R.I.P. peeler guy), cut them into uniform chunks, and tossed them, along with some small potatoes (why not have a roasting frenzy while I'm at it) with olive oil and Maldon salt, then popped them into a 350 degree oven (which in my oven, means about 375-400). The trouble began when I checked them after 20 minutes. I decided I needed to add garlic, so I minced some and threw it in. I roasted them for another 15 minutes, noticed things weren't browning, and I turned up the heat. I was hungry.

Five minutes more, stir. Five minutes more, stir. Five minutes more--finally brown.

I took them out and served them with the last of my melty leeks. Alas...I'd overcooked them...well, I'd actually overcooked the garlic, which was a brown chewy nightmare. From what I could tell, the Jerusalem artichokes were probably really yummy--nutty and interesting--but the garlic killed the dish. Oh well. Live and learn...

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Susan said...

Lella makes great jerusalem arties - check in with her for recipe!