Apparently, Whoopie Pies are Fashionable?

Where have I been? Somehow, I've completely missed the beginnings of a whoopie pie craze...probably because I generally try to avoid bakeries and their dangerous offerings. According to a feature in today's Times Dining section, they're everywhere now. Are they perhaps the next post-cupcake fad? The whole thing kind of makes me laugh, but also makes me sad, in a way. Does everything eventually need to be fashionably retro-cool?

I've previously posted a piece on my memories of these childhood Pennsyltucky faves, along with a recipe from my hometown published in a 1976 community cookbook.

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Irma Stoltzfus said...

In Lancaster County, there's a lovely independent grocery store - Oregon Dairy - just north of Lancaster. They make their own whoopie pies, and my particular favorite is made from red velvet with a cream cheese icing. After a hard day in the office, when I am shopping in the evening and discovered a few remaining, I yell "whoopie." They are delectable.