Leafy Harmony

Lest you think I eat everything I want all of the time...sadly, that cannot be. I wasn't blessed with the world's greatest metabolism, so I must always strive to keep some sort of balance. Besides, after my recent butter binge (via crepes and other friendly foods) and Friday's double sautéed pork/Magnolia madness, I need to cleanse a bit.

My favorite food habit has become a certain type of salad that I've been hooked on this for quite some time. For whatever reason, this salad combination seems to work for me--very flavorful and happily satisfying.

KK's Salad

about 2 cups lettuce (your choice--red leaf, romaine, mixed greens--whatever looks and is priced best), washed and torn up (or more if you're hungry!)
1/4 cup. shredded chicken AND/OR about 1 tbsp. goat cheese
1 tbsp. nice extra virgin olive oil (or olive oil infused with hot red pepper flakes)
pinch of Maldon Sea Salt
1 tsp. fried red onion (available at Asian grocery stores)
freshly ground black pepper to taste

Toss everything together and serve with a slice of whole wheat bread or pita.

I usually like to mix this up a bit: sometimes chicken, sometimes goat cheese, sometimes a little of both. I'll often warm the shredded chicken in a little olive oil and salt, and sometimes add a little piménton for some extra zazz.

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