As movies and The Daily Show are what I stick to on TV, my commercial viewing time is lower than most other Americans. A little while ago, as I was crawling out of bed on this dreary day, I flicked on NYC's Channel 4 to check out the weather (they seem to get it right a little more often than the folks at The Weather Channel, but I still think forecasting has something to do with dart boards). I hadn't had my coffee yet, and I was faced with this, first thing:

Really?! Disney's selling eggs now? Why? Are kids not eating eggs anymore? I don't remember eggs being an issue when I was little. Was I weird? What's next, spinach stamped with Minnie Mouse ("Eat your spinach and you're on your way to her sexy figure!")? Carrots with the likeness of Chip and Dale? Cattle bred to look like Goofy?

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