A Little Art + Food Discovery: Bumpas & Parr

This morning's "Discovery Over Coffee," thanks to a Grub Street post, is the British experiential food duo Bumpas & Parr. Designers of all sorts of creations that blend architecture and art with food, they seem to be most famous for their jellies (that's The Queen's English for Jell-O), which, looking at their website, have taken some fascinating forms. Some of their other projects look fabulous as well, including The Complete History of Food, Parliamentary Waffle House, and Meat Jewellery.

In the video embedded below, the duo talks about its Ziggurat of Flavor, built for the Big Chill Festival in August 2010. At the end, they chat about eventually towing an iceberg to New York Harbor (I feel like I've heard about this before?), which I hope would mean some giant cocktail party in Battery Park? But I also think, in the meantime, they should bring the Ziggurat of Flavor (or something like it) to NYC. I'm thinking Madison Square Park would be the perfect place--it could be a fabulous post Shake Shack experience!

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