Discoveries: Finally...A New Go To Chinese Chili Sauce?

For the last few years I've been scouring Chinatown shelves for a replacement for my much-beloved (and no longer produced) Chef Chow's Hot Bean Paste, which I used to happily buy in what seemed to be the manufacturer's outlet on Division Street (or perhaps the shop owner just really liked the stuff?). Whenever I have time, I peruse the many mysterious jars filled with crushed chilis, oil, and other various ingredients, but despite a refrigerator shelf chock-full of spicy concoctions, nothing's ever managed to fill the bill.

But I think I've finally discovered an acceptable replacement. While it's completely different (it's laced with Szechuan peppercorns--which only makes it better), I think this mysterious Spicy King "Home Made Szchuan Chili Sauce" might just be my new go-to thing to grab when I need to spice up some stir fry. Initial experiments have been super successful, and while its flavors will limit its use to Chinese dishes, I think I'll probably fly through the jar.

Besides, it's Super Lucky!

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