An Addition To The Truly Cheap Eats List: Yummy Noodle

The sign says it all. I've peeked through the windows at Yummy Noodle on numerous occasions, read how it was the go-to late-night noodle spot for Buddakan Chef Yang Huang, but I'd never actually popped in for a meal.

I've finally done so, and I can say two things:

1: It's earned its name.
2: I can't wait to go back!

Hot Pot Hot Tub
I hesitate to write more about Yummy Noodle before I've made a few visits, frankly, because the menu is large and we only ate two things: the roast pork (tasty!) and fried noodles with shredded pork and preserved vegetables (a special order--not quite the one on the menu). While we were really happy with what we had, we continued to ooh and ahh over everything that came out of the kitchen. So...I really, really need to go back, preferably with a large group of people so we can order tons of different things. Who's up for a field trip?

Yummy Noodle, 48 Bowery between Canal and Bayard.

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