Teatime with a Tomato

I visited the greenmarket on 57th and 9th at lunchtime, where I broke down and bought two tomatoes: an heirloom (pictured here) and another marked "field tomato." They both smelled good, so I went for it... When I arrived home, I tried to get back to work, but couldn't focus. I had to have one of the tomatoes. So I called "teatime," picked some basil (which--aaarrrggghhh--has bugs!), and cut into the heirloom tomato...

Sad. I could tell right away it wasn't going to be the transcendent happy wonderfulness I'd been dreaming about. The tomatoes that managed to survive this year's blight are just not good. It's still too cool and gray. There's nothing to be done.

Regardless, I kept on with my early tea: I grilled a little toast and made a tomato salad with basil, the heirloom, olive oil, salt, and pepper. I poured some iced green tea and had a little snack.

Oh well...next year.

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