Governors Island...Kind of Creepy

Since I'm such a lover of NYC, it's kind of embarrassing that I haven't made it to Governors Island...until today! Mandy and I braved the surprisingly crowded, hot, airless ferry (at least it's free), and took the short ride to the former Army/Coast Guard site. I should have done more research--we kind of went on a whim--so I'll have to go for another adventure armed with a bit more knowledge.

I have to say, the visit kind of freaked me out. It's basically a large, fairly-abandoned island that's technically part of Manhattan. The buildings are run down and creepy, so I had flashbacks to my childhood visit to Ellis Island, way before it was fixed up. But Governors Island isn't as ruined as Ellis Island was in the 70s, and it's a shame it's not put to better use. Mandy had a fabulous idea: artist studios. Let's do it!

At least the city's doing a little, allowing Creative Time to bring life to the island via the PLOT/09 installations. Overall, though, it makes for a very bizarre adventure...

Castle Williams.

The inside of Castle Williams, which looked like a cross between a dilapidated 1970s high school and a prison...

The old hospital, where I think my cousin Norma was born when her father was stationed on Governors Island.

Fort Jay.

Some of the super-creepy run-down houses on Colonels Row.

Klaus Weber's giant wind chimes near the Parade Ground made great background music for our picnic.

Anthony McCall's fantastic installation in the St. Cornelius Chapel.

There was a house filled with sculptures near Nolan Park. Not quite sure who this was, but this particular piece used the space beautifully.

The miniature golf course was a great idea badly executed. Each hole was built by a different artist, and while a few were fun, most were just incredibly frustrating and poorly built. Mix that with the heat and too many unaccompanied children, and you have one grumpy me. Note to the creators: Next time, build your pieces to stand up to not only the rough weather in the harbor, but the crazy kids as well.

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Heart As Arena said...

Great pics, K. Artists grant studios are on the way courtesy of the LMCC. Also, the NYC Maritime High School is opening on the Island at some point.