Fiery Fig Compote

I bought a pint of beautiful black Mission figs on a walk with Jimmy today, planning on broiling them with a honey glaze. But alas, when I got home, the box had tipped and the fruit had been squashed in the bottom of my bag. What to do with smooshed figs? Time to play...

Fiery Fig Compote

• 1 pint black Mission figs, chopped
• 2 tablespoons red wine
• 1 small red chili, finely minced (remove seeds if you'd like this to be a little milder)
• 2 teaspoons honey

Pop everything into a small saucepan, cover, and simmer on medium/low heat, stirring regularly for about three minutes, or until figs fall apart and become liquidy. Remove lid and reduce until the compote thickens (about two more minutes).

I think this will be great with pork or steak, or as a crazy companion to a strong cheese.

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