Garden: This Week's Gratuitous Photos

This weekend's garden check-in yielded mucho maxixe, collard greens for salads (yes, you can harvest collards all season long--thanks, Tony!), more nasturtiums and salad greens, and some more squash (the plants are still unhappy, so we'll see what happens). All of the hot pepper plants are doing well, though something seems to be munching the stems, especially the Brazilian variety (pictured left), so we're a bit concerned.

The chili hots continue to happily produce, so we're hoping these last few days of some encourages them to ripen before the deer (or two-legged thieves!) run off with them...

One of the two maxixe plants has taken over a large section of the garden. There were lots of new flowers on both plants (which the honeybees were absolutely loving), so we should have lots of new little alien pods appearing in the next few weeks.

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