Garden: Memorial Day Weekend Part 1--The Backyard

While many were barbecuing and lazing in the sun during this "first weekend of summer," we were slaving over plantlets. (OK, OK. I know other people were working, too...I'll admit it...and we barbecued as well.)

The box of baby plants safely made the trek upstate (thanks again G & J!), so I spent Saturday afternoon repotting things (mainly the loads and loads of tomatoes) and checking over the crop that's been living on Jess & Nancy's deck. Most of those plants made it, but a few didn't. For whatever reason the onions and chives, some of the beans and flowers, and most of the yellow squash and carrots just never came up. Don't know if the seeds were off, if the weather just wasn't favorable, or if the squirrels were up to their evil ways. Whatever the case, that's nature for you, I guess. But the zucchini was going gangbusters, a few of the container tomatoes had come up, and some of the herbs and flowers were still very small, but happy.

The lettuce/radish plot in the backyard is very happy (though full of maple helicopters! Aaargh!), and we were able to harvest a couple of beautiful salads..

The radishes seem to be doing well, but figuring out how long it is until harvest is a bit of a mystery. Guess I'll have to research.

Two pots of nasturtiums were doing cheerfully well.

Some of the same lettuce I'm growing on 34th Street. It looks so different and happy--the colors are more vibrant--and the flavor is much more robust. I guess growing things in the ground is always better?

The chili hot plants from 34th Street after a brief spring rain--I hope they love being outside!

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