Garden 34th Street: Rainy Day Tomatoes

Right now, the conditions on my windowsill seem to be perfect for growing lettuce. Unfortunately, these happy circumstances are leading to a shortage of real estate...

I had to take a quick trip upstate this weekend to see a middle school musical, so I decided to take along two pots of baby lettuce, hoping the adolescent plants were big enough to survive. I planted a few rows in the patch by the house, but now I fear for these little guys. They looked so tiny in the ground, and it only took the evil squirrels a few hours to dig some of them up. But...I suppose it's time to push them out of the nest...

I also transplanted some of the radishes we sowed on the deck last weekend. They grew quickly, so we thought we'd see what would happen if we put a few of them in the garden.

I came back to the city, and after a sunny Saturday, my windowsill continues to boom. More peppers have appeared, and the herbs, okra, maxixe, and jiló continue to grow.

And happily this morning, there were heirloom tomato sprouts in the egg carton terrarium.

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