Garden 34th Street: Today, Some Sunshine

In spite of the cloudy, cold weather we've had the last couple of days, the garden continues to boom. The sun returned today, and as we're due for a few beautiful days, I'm hoping things will really begin to take off. The basil is just about ready to harvest, I should probably transplant the tomatoes into bigger pots, and the peppers, maxixe, jiló, and okra is definitely going upstate this weekend (whether or not we actually plant it in our plot at Stony Kill is another story).

The emergency yellow squash I planted last week looks happy (the pot I planted upstate apparently didn't germinate...or the psycho squirrels had a snack...).

Yellow squash, cilantro, okra, and lots of peppers.

The heirloom tomatoes.

The maxixe is really happy, and definitely ready for the ground.

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