Banana Salad Dressing?

I'm still pondering the banana salad dressing (?!) we had last night at Kum Gang San. It was shocking at first (who expects banana flavor on a salad?), but the taste almost grew on me...kinda sorta... I don't think it merits a repeat performance, but the experience was sure worth it--every time Sté took a bite, he shuddered. Priceless.

I love that the places in Koreatown often experiment with Asian/Western fusion, but many of the ideas are a wonderful mystery to me. Why does Wonjo often serve instant mashed potatoes with the little appetizers? And last night's little free scoop of spinach frozen yogurt with red beans... Really?

At least Koreatown adventures are always exciting. You never know what will end up on the table...or what a lot of it is...

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