Too Much Eating Out

Visitors + events + busy schedule = eating out way more than I should.

The quick run-down of the highlights:

• I finally had a meal at Markt, which had a pleasant Sunday afternoon atmosphere, a yummy burger, and decent moules (though anything after my just-out-of-the-water moules in St. Malo makes everything pale in comparison).

• After walking by the place a million times over the past 10 years or so, I had a couple of rolls of maki at Kodama on 45th and 8th. Decent, inexpensive, and great service.

• And after taking my brother to visit the Michael Jackson memorial next to the Apollo Theater yesterday, I went back to Sylvia's for the first time in about ten years. The people are still super-friendly, but I still wish the food had a bit more flavor... My smothered pork chop was nicely-done and not fatty, the mac-and-cheese was OK, and the collards were the best bit of the meal. But I think I spent most of the meal distracted by the number of Liza Minnelli photos on the wall... Guess they're big fans!

I'm beat. Thankfully, life is back to normal today...or so I think... Can't wait to eat a salad for lunch!

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