The New Port Authority Greenmarket: Lame So Far...

Just popped over to the new Greenmarket in the North Wing of the Port Authority Bus Terminal (Thursdays, 42nd and 8th). I had high expectations: finally, this neighborhood would have a place for local vendors to set up. Hurrah! And it was the stinky old bus station to boot, so they'd obviously encourage some of the less expensive farmers to set up shop there...

Boy, was I wrong.

While I admit it's a great start, it's really, really lame. The berry seller's prices were pretty much on par with what I've seen at other Greenmarkets, but the vegetables were twice as much as the stands I usually frequent (while the Katchkie Farms folks were lovely people and the produce was beautiful, I'm not paying $3 for a head of lettuce when the guy at 57th and 9th sells the same thing for $1.50. I just can't afford it.). There were sandwiches, baked goods, and honey, and that was pretty much it.

I do think it's important to have a local option in the neighborhood, and hope the Greenmarket peeps have plans to expand. But when they do, I hope they add some affordable options. It's Port Authority/Hell's Kitchen, people...think about your audience!

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