Beacon Strawberry Festival 2009

A view of Beacon from the Hudson River

This Sunday was the Beacon Sloop Club's annual Strawberry Festival. It's the town's biggest waterfront festival, and even though I've been going to Beacon for 10 years now, I've never managed to make it. We enjoyed some shortcake and checked out the numerous environmental booths...and kicked back for a few songs by one of the town's most prominent residents, the great Pete Seeger.

The main tent offered strawberry shortcake, chocolate-covered strawberries, and smoothies.

A biplane over the Hudson.

Pete Seeger

The crowd

A model of the Clearwater.

A weaver shows onlookers how to use a loom.

Views from our impromptu ride on the Newburgh-Beacon Ferry.

And finally, here's some video of Pete Seeger I took with my little camera. I don't have a tripod, so sorry about the jumpy footage (some people consider it artsy...).

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