The Truffle Oil Diaries: Potage Parmentier

The best thing about the return of the chilly weather to our fair metropolis is the ability to start making soup again (even though I have air conditioning, the thought of making a bubbling pot of something when it's not below 60 outside makes me a little faint). After spying some beautiful leeks at my market, I decided it was time for the first batch of leek and potato soup (check out my recipe here).

And what did I drizzle on top? Truffle oil.

Yup, it was good. It made me want to expand the flavors in the soup for next time, too. Perhaps stir in some frizzled lardons after puréeing? Or some really deep other mushroomy flavor? Oh, the possibilities...


Hope said...

Are you still using the truffle oil you still wrote about a while back? As far as I have been able to tell it isn't the real deal either. I did find one line that is , a 100% certified organic one byDaRosario that you can get at Fresh Direct.

Karissa Krenz said...

Yes, Hope, I'm still on that other bottle. When I run out, I'll have to check out the DaRosario brand--we'll see what happens! Thanks for the suggestion.