The Truffle Oil Diaries

I finally did it. I broke down and bought a bottle of truffle oil. I've been obsessing about the black and white beauties for years, professing my endearing love for this divine aroma that, for me, beats good chocolate by a mile. Truffles are one of the most fabulous things Mother Earth gives us, but unfortunately I'm not rich, so my experiences with them are few and far between.

I've talked myself out of buying truffle oil--the most affordable version of the things--for years. I've heard that many brands use chemicals to create a fake version of awesome, and I'd also convinced myself that having it in my pantry would somehow make it less special.

But upon entering The Filling Station at Chelsea Market the other day, I decided to take the plunge. I somehow trusted the legitimacy of their claim, so there didn't seem to be much risk in picking up one of their tiny, affordable bottles. I went for the white truffle oil, as its aroma was somehow more pleasing to me than the black, which is what I'm used to. (Of course I'd love the harder-to-get variety!)

Today I Begin The Truffle Diaries.

So far I've sprinkled a few drops into a salad (yum!), and tried a tiny bit in some simple cheese tortellini soup (not as amazing as I'd hoped). It's time for me to do some research so I can really learn how to use the stuff to its most potent effect. I'll keep you posted!

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