Three Words: Nasturtium Leaf Pesto

Thanks to this fabulous article in the Times a few weeks ago, I discovered that nasturtium leaves are as edible as the plant's beautiful, peppery flowers. They're spicy, like their more colorful siblings, but as they deliver that flavor in leafy form, I thought they'd offer a bit more culinary flexibility. After a little online research, I discovered a particularly fabulous idea: Nasturtium Leaf Pesto. I wanted it immediately.

So, this past weekend, I harvested some leaves and set to work. The result is, frankly, wonderful, and this is now one of my favorite things. So far I've discovered that it's wonderful with beef, as a sandwich spread, and fairly decent on pasta, too. Why, oh why, haven't I discovered this before?!

KKNY's Nasturtium Leaf Pesto
• 2 cups loosely packed nasturtium leaves
• 3 cloves of garlic
• 2 handfuls mixed nuts
• 3 tbsp. olive oil
• salt to taste

Put everything in a processor and purée (add a little more olive oil if it doesn't blend). That's it!

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