Chic Sunshine

I finally made it to The Standard's roof this weekend (spent the supposed "rapture" time there--I figured I'd go out stylin'...). While the d├ęcor up there seems to be a bit of an afterthought, I still say the view is worth the ridiculous drink prices. My out-of-town visitor thought it was absolutely perfect, and agreed that it was a much better deal than entry to the Empire State Building or Rockefeller Center--at least you get a tasty beverage for your money!

So, if you can handle the too-cool-for-school crowd, treat yourself to a visit sometime. Though I'd skip the pool room below...while it's designed to be a nightclub, the black tile just makes it feel trashy, especially compared to the beautifully-designed retro-70s lounge on the top floor's east side.

The Standard Hotel, 848 Washington Street at 13th, over The High Line.

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