Truly Cheap Eats: Revisiting Sheng Wang

I've written about Sheng Wang on Eldridge Street before, but haven't visited in a while (especially after having discovered Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodle on Doyers). Last week I finally went back, and was surprised to see that they'd fixed up the joint! It's still pretty divy, but there are fresh walls and many more tables, which will probably make some sort of difference to people who may have been a little too scared to venture in. (Unfortunately, though, is that they've moved the kitchen to the back and added a door, so there's no watching the chef make the noodles anymore.)

It seems like the Sheng Wang folks have also upped their game a little bit--there were definitely more veggies in the soup, and my friend's dumplings were fresh and tasty. I stepped out a bit and ordered the rabbit soup, which was, of course, bony, but pretty good and had lots of meat. Regardless, I don't think I'll get it again...there's a spice in some Chinese cooking I don't really like (I haven't yet managed to place it), and this was chock full of it, alas...

I have to say I still favor the other fresh noodle joints--primarily because Sheng Wang still serves everything in disposable plastic--but it's worth a visit if you're interested in stepping out a bit and experimenting with the huge menu's truly unusual offerings.

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