Truly Cheap Eats: Pork Buns In My Neighborhood

I spend so much time wandering around other parts of town that, sometimes, it takes me a while to discover things in my own backyard. Living on the edge of the Garment District, I know there are a handful of Chinese places that cater to the few garment workers left in the neighborhood's remaining factories. But somehow I've missed one particular gem--35th Street Bakery--which looks like it's been around for quite some time. It's a little divey hole-in-the-wall, but note its "A" rating from the Health Department(...), and most of the baked goods in the case look fab.

Running home from an assignment today--starving--I decided to pop in for a baked roast pork bun...which happened to be right from the oven. While it won't top my list, it's better than many I've had in Chinatown. There's lots of filling, the dough is light and fluffy, and it's only 75 cents, which is cheaper than most.

I'll be going back. Next on the list: red bean buns.

The address for 35th Street Bakery is 494 Eighth Avenue, but the shop is located around the corner, just east of Eighth. 

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