Worth The Splurge: Elizabeth Redux...This Time We Ate Some Food

A few of us returned to Elizabeth last week for a special holiday gathering fueled by Olga's wonderfully inventive cocktails (I previously shared my discovery of their awesomeness here). This time, we ordered a few nibbles to go along with the drinks, and from what I can tell, the food's pretty great here, too.

We stuck to things we could eat at the bar: fried calamari (fresh, hot, and flavorful with a side of spicy sauce), garlic steak fries (nicely done, served with aioli), tomato bruschetta (not too crunchy and made with a nice olive oil), and a tuna tartare and avocado salad (refreshing alongside our two fried mains). All of these "snack" items were plenty for four people, and yummy sounds were made all around.

As satisfied as we were, dessert was in our future. We shared two dishes of sweets: an apple cobbler with ice cream, and a spectacular Rice Krispy treat with a side of chocolate. Neither was overly sweet--especially the latter--and even the "I don't like sweets" guy among us enjoyed seconds.

The drinks were fabulous, of course. The stand-outs this time around were a special Aperol cocktail Olga made for me (we'd been discussing the glories of this sweet/bitter aperitif, so she played with it a little), the Double-Down (a wonderfully spicy sort of margarita), and a Campari-based concoction made with grapefruit juice and vodka. Spectacular.

Again, Elizabeth is definitely worth the splurge.

Elizabeth, 265 Elizabeth Street, south of Houston.

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