I know it's not PC, but I suppose, with the Radish Girl thing, I need to discuss my obsession of Engrish (i.e., the misuse/misspelling of the English language by other cultures). Now, I'm the first one to admit that the only "foreign" languages I speak are French and German (and poorly at best), so to laugh about other people's misuse of English could sound mean/unfair/etc. But if you know me, it's more about being a nerd than being mean--I love all cultures, REALLY want to visit Asia sometime soon, etc. etc...

And it's so damn funny! I encourage everyone to check out Engrish.com as a place to start.

And I must also share my latest Engrish find. I've taken to doing much of my household shopping at the recently-opened Japanese discount store called "Samurai" on 8th Avenue between 39th & 40th. It's chock full of wonderful stuff, and I enjoy purchasing toilet bowl cleaner with a label entirely in Japanese (I don't really even know if it's toilet bowl cleaner, but it seems to do the job nicely, so...). I popped in Tuesday night looking for travel-size plastic containers, and as I was mulling about found some pouches for keeping water bottles cool. On them was sewn a little plastic label with a cute animal that reads, "Clickety Click [Copyright] Lube Sheep 2003."

Perhaps this isn't a water bottle cooler at all...maybe it's for shepherds...

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La Bona said...

Uhmmm ...you got me thinking about that huh?

Nice blog … Keep it up.

By the way, do you think Christianity is a cult?

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